Evaluation of the research design

Four tests have been commonly used to assess the quality of any empirical social research such as case studies (Yin, 2003). Table 3.6 lists the four widely used tests and the recommended case study tactics, as well as the cross-reference to the phase of research when the tactic occurs.


Case study tactic

Phase of research in which tactic occurs

Construct validity

– Use multiple sources of evidence;

– Establish chain of evidence;

– Have key informants review draft case study report.

– Interviews, documentation;

– Case study protocol (3.3.5);

– Case study protocol (3.3.5).

Internal validity

– Do pattern matching;

– Do explanation building;

– Address rival explanations;

– Use logic models.

– Applied;

– Not applied;

– Not applied;

– Not applied.

External validity

– Use replication logic in multiple case-studies.

– Both case studies were conducted in the same manner.


– Use case study protocol;

– Develop case study database.

– Case study protocol (3.3.5);

– Case study database (3.3.5);

Table 3.6: Case study tactics for Four Design Tests (Yin, 2003).


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