The research methodology is presented in Chapter 3. This section introduces the research methodology. The overall research question is a ‘how’ question and it is needed to focus on contemporary events, which leaves the case study as the strategy to use (Yin, 2003). This research can be seen as a combination of exploratory and explanatory. The units of analysis are online digital products in the form of music, more specific in the form of personalized radio stations at two companies: and Pandora Media. They are both online services that offer digital products to be consumed over the Internet, and offer the possibility to customize and personalize radio stations to listen to. The primary data source which is used is the interview. For the case study on I had an interview with one of the founders. For the case study on Pandora Media I had two interviews, one with the founder and one with the marketing manager. Other data sources I used are documentation found on the websites of the companies and other websites.


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