Justification for the research

This thesis has a practical and a scientific relevance. The most important is the scientific relevance. In this research I would like to make an addition to the work of Brynjolfsson et al. (2003), who argue that increased online availability of previously hard-to-find products represents a positive impact on consumer surplus. This addition can be found in the use of customization of digital products on the Internet. Scientific literature is scarce on the customization of digital products; this thesis tries to fill that gap.

The practical relevance can be found in the fact that the consumer plays a significant role in the Internet economy. These consumers can benefit from increased variety as was argued by Brynjolfsson et al. (2003). If the hypotheses can be supported, the practical relevance would be the answer to the overall research question, because suppliers would have more knowledge on how to customize digital products and can serve the consumer better. In addition, suppliers of digital content on the Internet should benefit of this research, because if they can find more consumers for their digital products, they might benefit from positive feedback resulting in network externalities (Arthur, 1996; Witt, 1997; Kline, 2001; Katz and Shapiro, 1985; Liebowitz and Margolis, 1994; 1995).


5 Responses to Justification for the research

  1. Clare says:

    This article was really helpful. Thanks

  2. Massa philip says:

    It highly give up a clear explaination about the relevance of research.

  3. kliff Justice says:

    Thanks a million for this ” Justification ” I have really benefitted from it. Thanks

  4. Maximillian says:

    This is really a short and reliable source. Thanks.

  5. BEATRICE says:

    thank u. it was very helpful. was facing difficulty in writing my justification

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