The introductory chapter of this thesis identified a gap in literature on the customization of digital products on the Internet. This gap was elaborated on in Chapter 2. The literature review showed that literature was pointing in some directions, but how to support the customization of digital products according to the customization definition presented in section 2.2.1 was not clear. Some pieces of that puzzle were still missing, resulting in the overall research question and the hypotheses. In Chapter 3, the research methodology chapter, I presented the instrument based on the literature review, and served as the base for Chapter 4. The analysis of the case studies resulted in information to close the gap that was identified. In this final chapter I aim to close that gap. The case studies unveil some proof that has implications for the hypotheses. This leads to confirmations and revisions of the hypotheses proposed in Chapter 2.

Besides confronting the case studies with the hypotheses which are presented, I also compare the case studies between themselves in the subsections of paragraph 5.2. This confrontation shows that there is overlap between the cases, but also that the cases show some differences between each other. This is interesting, because both case studies offer digital products in the form of music, and have a varied assortment of digital products which can be customized by the consumer.

The conclusions about the hypotheses and the confrontation of the case studies lead in the conclusions about the research problem in paragraph 5.3. These conclusions in turn have implications for existing theory on digital products and mass customization which are presented in paragraph 5.4, and unveil some limitations of this research. The limitations of this research are presented in paragraph 5.5. Based on the conclusions, the implications for theory and the limitations of this research, some topics are identified for further research in paragraph 5.6.


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