4. Analysis

Chapter 3 outlined the research methodology, and described the choices that were made for this thesis. In this chapter the analysis of the collected case study data is analyzed and reported with respect to the main research question and the constructed hypotheses as well as the instrumentation which was developed in Chapter 3. Therefore I present the case studies conducted at Last.fm and Pandora Media. Both Last.fm and Pandora Media are online personalized radio stations, both offering a large variety of digital products in the form of music, but use different customization strategies. The primary sources of data which are analyzed are three interviews. One interview with one of the co-founders of Last.fm, one with the marketing manager of Pandora Media, and one with the founder and now Chief Strategy Officer of Pandora Media.

The first section of this chapter explains how the two case studies are presented. This introduction to the case studies is then followed by the case studies, first the case study on Last.fm, second the case study on Pandora Media. After that, the hypotheses which were constructed in chapter two are tested. The chapter ends with some preliminary conclusions based on the results, and with respect to the main research question. This conclusion forms the basis for the final chapter, in which the main research question is answered, and further research is addressed.


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