Holidays are over…

Holidays are over means back to my thesis. At this point in time this means I am analyzing the interviews. While it was over three months ago since the interviews, they are starting to reoccur in my mind again. Also it maybe means I have to rewrite some of the literature background, or maybe to revise the instrument I am using. The literature as a background is at many points very similar to and useful for my thesis, but also very different. But that was the point of the thesis after all.

It seems a bit confusing, also for me, but it seems that there a enough opportunities to finish my thesis with some useful conclusions, useful to address a gap in literature, and useful for further research. Now it is up to me to write it down in such a way that it will make that clear. A challenge for the coming month I suppose. More to come shortly!


One Response to Holidays are over…

  1. Martin says:

    Holiday? What is that :-)?

    Well good luck these final weeks! Are you going to publish your final thesis here?



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