The downside of customization of digital music?

My research is not about communities, but communities arise constantly on the Internet. Also for digital customizable products such as music, for example These communities are mostly based on similarities and, in the case of, at the same time about discovering new music also based on similarities. Now there are some critics on this, because these similarities are killing these communities. 

"If people can get any song they like, why should they listen to their friend's music, or (horrors) listen to the music selected by a group of barflys? By allowing people to have whatever they want, are we destroying that ability to get along?" (source: Bloggingstocks). The same can be said about blogs, do they only attract people that are alike, or do people with different interests also interact on these topics? Or as a professor of us in class puts it, "blogs are a-social!" 


6 Responses to The downside of customization of digital music?

  1. Paul says:

    Hey Bas,

    Zie je weblog nu pas voor het eerst, erg leuk om te lezen!

    I don’t think diversity will be lost, because people find each other through similarities but expand their world through discovering other interests from the same people who they bonded with on similarities. You don’t listen to just one kind of music, do you?

    Napster was a good example; when you were downloading a song, you could search in the shared folder of the user whom you been downloading from, this way made me discover all kinds of great music. (Napster those were the days…)


  2. bottomup says:

    Hi Paul,

    Goed om te horen 🙂 Hve you already seen the ‘co-creation’ post on Prank Piller’s site?

    I don’t know if diversity is related positively or negatively, maybe both in a way, but it’s a side-effect of bottomup. I think for music it’s perfect to discover new stuff by means of communities.

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  6. Pirsey says:

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