‘la la’ Returns Variety to Music

The Most Extensive Music Catalog Available for Trading and Purchase Goes Live.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) nearly 30,000 album titles are released each year. With nearly 3 million available titles, the largest reseller, Wal-Mart, stocks only about 5,000 titles per store or less than 1% of available music. With choice quickly disappearing, 'la la' opens the largest, most diverse music store on earth with 1.8 million album titles available for trade at $1 each – same price as a song download except the extra penny buys the rest of the album.

'lala.com' works like an online music co-op where members trade-in CDs they have for CDs they want from other members. CDs are sent through the mail in pre-paid envelopes provided by 'la la'. "Trading CDs is an affordable way to experiment and try new music," said Bill Nguyen, 'la la' co-founder.

If an album is not immediately available for trade, members will be able to buy the CD new or as a digital download at retail prices. Nguyen continued, "When you find that album you can't wait to enjoy, 'la la' will offer it as a new CD or a download."

Source: Lala.com.

This idea seems very interesting for my research. I will keep track of their progress on a regular basis.


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